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SW MEP launches petition calling on UK government to 'stop the Strasbourg circus'

Thursday, 20 September 2012
South West Conservative MEP Ashley Fox has launched an e-petition calling on the UK government to back MEPs and help ditch the European Parliament’s second seat in Strasbourg.

The current Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government is committed to this end to the extend that included in the Coalition Agreement Programme for Government is a statement that reads: “We will press for the European Parliament to have only one seat, in Brussels” (p19).

However for Mr Fox, whose amendment to merge two part-sessions into one week removing one full migration from the calendar remains subject to case brought by France before the European Court of Justice, the UK government has failed to raise the matter in the regular meetings of the European Council “for fear of offending the French!”

The obligation for the European Parliament to hold 12 part-sessions per year in the French city of Strasbourg is enshrined in the Treaty of Amsterdam of 1997, an operation that has been calculated to cost €170million per year. MEPs have on numerous occasions voted in favour of a single seat for the European Parliament but European treaties can only be changed with unanimous consent from all EU member states – a scenario that is frankly rather unimaginable in light of France’s objections and their decision to pursue the matter through the European courts...

If 100,000 signatures are received to Mr Fox’s e-petition, the matter must be discussed in the House of Commons. Mr Fox hopes such a Westminister debate will “lead to the government taking a rather more robust stance on this issue”.

I've added my name to the e-petition, to add yours log on to: (NB. only UK citizens and persons registered to live in the UK can add their name to the e-petition)


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