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Lib Dem MEP accuses UKIP of hypocrisy hosting its Conference in EU-funded venue

Friday, 28 February 2014
Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson has accused UKIP, the political party advocating full independence from the EU, of hypocrisy as it kicks off its annual Conference today at the English Riviera Centre in Torquay, a venue that has received more than £3 million in grants from the EU.

The town of Torquay itself has benefited to the tune of £7.4 million from European Regional Development Funds (EDRF) since 2007.

Commenting on the revelations, Sir Graham said UKIP had “managed to embarrass themselves again before anyone had even uttered a word”.

They can’t be trusted to organise their own conference, let alone run the country.

Being in the EU has brought huge benefits to this town. Over £7.4mn of European funding has been invested in recent years to regenerate the Torquay harbour front, build a new coastal zoo and fund local businesses, helping to create over 1300 new jobs,he continued.

Liberal Democrats are determined to take on UKIP and protect British jobs by ensuring we stay in the EU and make the most of the opportunities it provides.”

UKIP’s spokesperson on Trade and SW MEP the Earl of Dartmouth is due to address the conference later today.

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