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SW UKIP MEP Trevor Colman exposed by @FactcheckEU as peddling an 'extreme whopper' lie about EU

Friday, 21 February 2014
South West UKIP MEP Trevor Colman - who admitted to the BBC recently that one of the reasons he attends the sessions in Strasbourg and Brussels is to secure the Parliamentary allowances - has been exposed by Factcheck EU as telling an 'insane whopper' lie about the role and function of the European Parliament.

The MEP, who is standing down at the next election in May, stated in an interview with the BBC that the European Parliament “has no power, it can't make or change legislation”, a claim that the new organisation decided to investigate. They write:

"The European Parliament (EP), formerly called Common Assembly, was originally a mere consultative body. Its powers, however, have been substantially increased over the years with successive changes to the treaties. While the right of legislative initiative remains with the European Commission, the Lisbon Treaty has placed the EP on an equal footing with the Council of Ministers in deciding on the vast majority of EU laws."

"The two co-legislators - the EP and the Council of Ministers - adopt legislation jointly, having equal rights and obligations. The procedure consists of up to three readings with the possibility of the two co-legislators to conclude at any reading if they succeed to reach an overall agreement on a joint text. During the first reading, the EP can reject the Commission's proposals as a whole; approve it without amendments; or approve it subject to amendments. The text of the proposal as approved by the EP is then forwarded to the Council and the Commission as the EP's position. In turn, the Council can: accept the EP's position, in which case the legislative act is adopted; or adopt changes to the EP's position, leading to a Council's first reading position, which is sent to the EP for a second reading. Just a glimpse at the procedure shows how utterly inaccurate is Mr Colman's claim that the EP cannot change legislation."

Referring to Mr Colman's poor record of involvement since being elected to the European Parliament, they conclude: "His limited involvement in the EP might explain why he knows so little about how legislation is made in the European Union. A well-deserved 'Insane whopper'!"...


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