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New SW Green MEP makes debut speech in European Parliament, criticises Blair

Wednesday, 16 July 2014
The South West’s first Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has wasted little time in getting involved in the European Parliament proceedings and making her debut in the House as she rose today in the first Strasbourg session of the new legislature to intervene in a debate.

Asking a question to Romanian Socialist (Labour) MEP Victor Boştinaru who was speaking on behalf of his Parliamentary group in the debate on the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine she called into question whether the former UK Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair was a successful peace envoy since there was still no peace in the region. She said:

I share Mr Boştinaru’s horror about the increase in levels of violence in Israel and Palestine but I am aware of the fact that during the negotiations over which resolution was going to be taken tomorrow he was not prepared to support a much stronger Green resolution which specifically identified the failings of the Quartet process and the failings of its envoy, Tony Blair. Can I ask Mr Boştinaru whether he thinks the Quartet process is working well and does he think that Tony Blair is a successful and effective peace envoy?

While not drawn into commenting on Mr Blair, Mr Boştinaru replied saying the European Union to be an effective, visible and consistent contributor to the peace process, adding “it is our fundamental role, an imperative of ours nowadays, to be a broker of peace in the Middle East”.

Click here to watch the intervention in full.


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